Many thanks to Mary-Lynne Stadler / Ibiza for this fantastic painting!


Cyprus: just the name, the word itself brings longing to my heart – longing for stories, histories, blazing summer sun, tall, forested mountains and glistening winter snows.
Wild flowers in spring that stretch on forever, threading their way through naked vines and carpeting the sweet-scented almond orchards. Autumn evenings that let you savour summer just a little longer, when winter has already thrown its cold, grey coat over the rest of Europe.

Cyprus: it is golden monasteries and silent mosques, bustling modern metropolises and beaches sizzling with sun-hungry holiday makers. It is lonely mountain paths and stone-strewn dirt racks to delight endurance riders. It is winding mountain roads to weave your way around on motorbike without ever meeting a car.

Cyprus: it is swimming in satin waters in Avdimou at midnight and at Aphrodite’s Rock where the blues of the sea are too many to count. It is empty turtle nests on Lara beach and giant red sunset discs in purple skies. It is blue phosphorescent night waters wrapping themselves around your limbs at Argaka under sparkling stars and mysterious, dream-evoking moons.

Cyprus: it is where my dreams and my love reside. Until I found it, I did not know what it was that I was looking for.

Dreams: wake up and they have vanished – for no reason – and no one is to blame.

But I hope that this dream will endure a while, and longer; that it is far from dreamt out

Cyprus: it is the dream in which I finally come to life.
Join me on a journey, and to visit friends, though some of the friends may not be people.
Join me on a motorbike trek through the Cyprus that has inspired my work that I have sometimes carried through to completion in Germany or elsewhere.

Enjoy the images – or shake your head in disbelief at what you see. Consider the different styles – mine and those of my friends – and give some thought to the amount of work and pleasure, energy and feeling that has gone into it.

And give me your feedback – I look forward to hearing from you